Do We Need A New Constitution?

Signing of the constitutionIt was after deep thought & contemplation that founding fathers of our constitution set forth a document that was to become the law of the land. Taking cognizance of socio-cultural diversity   that exists in our nation they enshrined the principles of liberty equality fraternity securing socio   economic & political justice for all. They borrowed best practices from the world , modified   some & innovated others to give us a comprehensive document that became the bedrock of   world’s largest democracy .They envisioned the constitution as an organic document that would   evolve and mature with time.

Various provisions such as flexibility of amendment, separation of power under 3 lists,   fundamental rights, rights of minorities schedule castes & tribes OBCs etc , 3 tier system of   governance , independence of judiciary , fair & free elections , parliamentary form of govt. ,   federal structure with powerful centre etc. make our constitution as one of its own kind; which speaks volumes about the holistic outlook of our leaders that framed our constitution.  Also the inclusion of directive principles of state policy in the constitution clearly indicates intent of an egalitarian society. These all provisions provide ample space for our constitution to overcome any adversary & hold its ground crushing all voices that demand new constitution.

But question arises in spite of all these features and continued evolution why our constitution looks dysfunctional & secluded. Why is that this highly accepted document is becoming   unacceptable and voices of an alternative constitution are doing rounds in citizenry of this largely   democratic setting. Reasons are many. From lack of political will to corrupt individuals running   the system, from criminalization of politics to criminalization of legislature, faulty education   system to unaware citizens and many more. The anomic situation in which we are is not the   result of constitution alone but is also the result of our own misdeeds. Ignorant “chalta hai”   attitude has derailed our structure and we cannot blame the virtuous vision of our patriotic    No doubt there are many grey areas and vestigial laws in our constitution that need to be   streamlined. But blaming constitution out rightly is not a sign of a mature society. Also clinging   on to such parochial norms in name of culture & religion will do us no good. Administrative   Reforms Commission, National Commission to Review the Working of Constitution etc are   some examples which help constitution to continuously evolve and hold its footing.

Ideals of   equality, liberty, freedom are yet to be completely achieved & our nation is still a nation in   building. It’s still on its path & is moving towards its destination where the two worlds, Bharat &   India, stemming out of same seed with shared roots would converge into singularity. Our   constitution is our lightning star & guardian of our ideals and aspirations. It is the means and the   end in itself which all encompassing & ever maturing.